The meaning of CQMONG

CQ stands for "Charming Queen" and MONG is the mong [mʌŋ] pronunciation of Chinese Character "(夢) - the meaning of Dream". So CQMONG means "Dream of becoming the Charming Queen of Skin" and we want to make this special dream come true for consumers.


Qualification of the Skin, CQMONG

In terms of product quality and service, CQMONG wants to grow into a qualified brand in the cosmetics industry.

Goal of Direction

Through the excavation of natural plants and high-functioning ingredients, we are going to provide differentiated total solutions that are effective for the skin to achieve the completion of the noble skin. We also want to build a castle of love and trust from our customers through such completion.

Global Network

CQMONG brand wants to spread the value of CQMONG to consumers around the world by expanding into the global market. We hope that the spread will echo all over the country.